Rose and Andrew Robinson

In episode 3 of Tarot Tales, I offer a mini-review of the StoryForge Cards. Listening to the episode, I’m not thrilled with the way I described reversals in the StoryForge Cards. There’s no upright position, as such, but the the meaning of the card is mirrored in each direction around a central theme. It’s a clever way of getting twice as much mileage out of a single card.

The featured guests are Rose and Andrew Robinson. Both are tarot people and die-hard gamers. You can find Rose online at Rose Red Consulations.

There are a great many names dropped in this RPG-focused podcast, so here’s a list:

The beginning and ending music is from Keith Skooglund’s piece, “Nanda Devi“, from his debut instrumental album.

The music between segments is from my song, “Counting On You“, from the album Silver in Their Veins.