Jeff Kingfisher

Jeff Kingfisher is a songwriter and recording artist, arranger and producer, composer for film and orchestra, instrumentalist, vocalist, and audio engineer.⁣⁣
⁣⁣Not only is he an accomplished musician, he is the creator of the Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music. Muzoracle combines cards, dice, and music concepts into an oracle in a class by itself.⁣⁣

Along the way, we discuss the Gurdjieff work, Schumann resonances, the Haken Continuum, and more. Enjoy, this episode is great!

The intro music is an excerpt from “Shasta Calling” by J.S. Kingfisher, and the complete song at the end of the episode is “Tellurian Passage”, also by J. S. Kingfisher. The outro music is and exerpt from Keith Skooglund’s piece, “Nanda Devi“, from his debut instrumental album.